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OS X Lion Launchpad - Launch pad duplicate apps - OS X Lion Upgrade

by on 22. July 2011 04:14

Anyone having issues with there Launchpad having duplicates of certain apps , such as Mail, iCal, etc? I have, and very surprised that Apple didn't resolve this issue for us. Anyways, the fix is rather simple. 

When we first tried running Safari, we received this CT Plugin error message:

The application Safari quit unexpectedly. The problem may have been caused by the ct-plugins plug-in

After getting pretty frustrated, googled it and couldn't find the exact solution. I was told to go to my Library folder and delete a bunch of files, but that didn't work. 

After some time, I realized, that whenever I went to the Applications folder, Safari worked fine. I then went to the Launch pad and noticed I had duplicate apps...

The issue seemed to be that I had created folders under my Applications folder and when the upgrade occurred, it set each application's folder back to the root folder of Applications.

So, if you have duplicate apps in the Launch pad, check your application's folder, and make sure you don't have duplicate sub folders with applications in them.


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