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iPhone - What Should Be Your First iPhone App?

by on 1. August 2011 14:56

If I were to start over, I believe my first iPhone app would be Instagram,

followed by Air Force+ of course. :)





    One thing I love about Instagram is the Twitter integration that then integrates to my Facebook account. The ability to set the focus on each image is a big hit to me. And then you can apply some pretty neat effects to the pics to brighten them up, give them some 1977 look, or Gothamize them. :)


Another iPhone app recommendation.



    Air Force+.


    It provides a quick and easy way to stay on top of everything happening in the U.S. Air Force. Another great feature, especially for the Aircraft buffs, is the Aircraft feature. It gives great details for the most current list of aircraft that support the entire U.S. Armed Forces. Pretty neat!



    And thirdly, Songify. Songify is something fun for the whole family. We recently went on vacation, and everyone was begging to use my iPhone to create a fun song with the Songify iPhone app. It was a hit! I've really enjoyed the synthesizer making me sound great! LOL.


    I know there are a ton of apps on the Apple App Store, and it really comes down to preference. You will download many apps that you may just not like, and some that are your, "I can't live without" ones. Have fun and enjoy your new iPhone. 


Hope this helps! 


If you are a new-comer to the iPhone and want more suggestions on apps to download, check out this link.






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