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iPhone development - How to make high resolution Icons for iPhone/iPad apps

by on 26. August 2011 13:31

Making apps isn't necessarily easy. However, making icons should be!


Apple iPhone 4


I've been developing apps for close to a year now and I recently found out the best way to make icons specific to the device. If this is old news for you, sorry. But for me, it was new. I knew there had to be some way to make iPhone app icons more crisp, especially on Apple's high resolution iPhone 4 model.



So, let's get started.



In your Xcode project, you should have an appname.plist file. Open that up! Once you have opened the plist file for your project, add a new "node," if you will, at the bottom. This is where you will select "Icon files." Please note: Pay close attention to the plurality of the word files.




From this point on, you can add several Strings underneath this particular "Icon files" node. Here is an example:


For more details on this issue, please visit the developer center's article on this matter.





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